Our Story

Maitais & Rainbows Beach Vintage was born from the love of a young beach girl’s expression of individual style with a desire to be mindful of the environment.  With the fashion industry often being disposable, my search for original style, creative lines, crafted fabrics and solid stitching, regardless of brand trends began. I soon started collecting items that were worn and loved for their originality and long life instead of purchasing new more wasteful items.  After being asked for many years to find cool rags for family and friends, I created a vision in which change even if ever so small as saving one piece of clothes out of a landfill or one person buying used instead of new would matter. Rooted in my training of environmental education and interpretation I began curating collections for others and imagining that retail could also serve a better purpose-  to help support businesses and community in which we see our world as being more friendly and sustainable.  Our choices do make a difference. I put my professional skills of curating and collaborating together to transform a personal hobby into a product and service with a purpose. I use tried and true conservation, cultural and natural resource education methods of consulting and truly find joy in the process of a shared vision.   No amount of change is small and knowing that each individual has their own style and their own story, just like each vintage article does I support you.  My job is to bring you; the person and the story together to make our world a little bit more friendly.

Ecology Beach is our parent company.  We are professionally trained in Environmental Education and Interpretation. We consult with our knowledge helping and advising for organizations to strategically plan for their very own curative visions for a more meaningful and kind world.